“Go Green” – it’s been a popular slogan for individuals, communities and corporations because it implies you are taking care of Mother Earth.  However, as we look behind the scenes of green, we find a dense network of interests keen to manipulate markets and make you, the taxpayer, pay for ideological dreams of ‘free’ ‘clean’ energy.  It’s impossible.

Support for the green movement and climate change policies is rapidly collapsing in Europe and the UK.

They are near bankrupt and industry is fleeing the extremely high costs of energy, leaving an even greater burden on taxpayers and even more unemployed.

Shouldn’t we care for Mother Earth?  Of course we should and we do -incrementally we improve every year. However filling the pockets of ‘carbon-baggers’ is not going to do anything for the environment. These are eco-hypocritical the things this site will discuss and expose.


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