The Dark Side of the Green Movement


The emphasis on ‘global warming’ and ‘carbon emissions reduction’ is literally taking your breath away.  But is it true?

Those who question the ‘climate consensus’ are called ‘deniers’ –  I call them Challengers.

And I challenge you to read with an open mind and see what the Dark Green Devils are doing to you and your children through their false climate catastrophe propaganda.

This week’s edition of Maclean’s magazine (in Canada) sports a cover story on “The Broken Generation”.  In it, the author’s cite many reasons why this generation of post-secondary students are so suicidal and depressed.  Many reason are offered, but the big one is missing – the psychological climate terror of the past 20 or more years has left young people with a burden of ‘fixing’ a world that ‘experts’ are convinced will soon go up in flames.

Where’s the hope in that?

So, let’s chat about whether or not these Dark Green claims are true. I don’t believe they are. I don’t say that as a scientist. I say that as a reader of history.  Historical evidence demonstrates that even extreme climate fluctuations are perfectly ‘normal’ – if often dramatic and devastating for human beings.

However, we are still here. We’ve adapted to extreme cold, floods, droughts, and periods of perfectly stable weather.

So, keep calm and carry on.


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In a world of politically correct people who tip-toe around issues, I speak my mind and occasionally rant.